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Subject: Mom’s Roundtable: Real Talk About: Autism Spectrum Disorder: ADHD:ADD: OCD: PTSD:
Anxiety Disorder& Depression In Our Children the Depression That Follows In Us Moms.

00:12:57 Veteran: So, I have asked about using X39 on kids and have been told that it is only recommended for 18 and older?
00:13:52 Michelle Porter: Veteran, there have been no clinical studies on kids, so the company cannot recommend.
00:17:06 Peters iPhone: wooooo hoooo 99 participation again tonight 🙂
00:19:51 Peters iPhone: 100 woooo hoooo
00:20:11 Amy Colangelo Homsey: Awesome turn out!!!
00:21:13 Veteran: Thanks Michelle! I know some of my teammates use them on their pets too!!!
00:21:41 Michelle Porter: I patch my cat!
00:23:49 Michelle Porter: Great stories!
00:25:06 Jim: amazing stories ladies! Thanks for sharing!
00:26:13 iPhone: hi Dana❤️❤️✨
00:31:15 Mariya Fishman: I use on my cat too. hi is 16 year old and had injurie and have arthritis in his hip
00:31:15 iPhone: so true Dana.. I am seeing high anxiety and depression in my clients as well. adults teens and even small children.
00:31:20 jeanie mudd: Wow! thank you for all your testimonials.
00:33:03 Mariya Fishman: great
00:37:12 iPhone: compromised
00:37:15 Mariya Fishman: I am so happy for Marci am
00:37:51 Christine Proenza Whitner: fabulous testimonials .. wonderful
00:38:00 iPhone: activating what our body already does naturally! brilliant!!✨✨✨✨
00:38:13 Mariya Fishman: nd Kathleen. thank you for sharing
00:40:17 Christine Hofstra: Im an RN that loves a natural approach. Ive listened every night and so excited and encouraged. Thank you for sharing your personal struggles and testimonies..
00:41:05 Dr. Shyler: ty!!!!
00:41:27 Karen Amestoy: thank you

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