Advocating for Medical Psilocybin Regulations in Canada – Beth Trotter

Minister Patty Hajdu,

Please watch this video message from registered clinical counsellor, Beth Trotter, where she asks you to please enact regulations for medical psilocybin in Canada.

“I want to thank you for more than a year ago now for allowing exemptions under your section 56 for some end-of-life care patients. This was a really important step and I am speaking to you now though today, asking you to go further and to approve regulations for the use of psilocybin between patients and their health care providers and not have it go through exemptions.

It’s clear there is a strong need for this treatment option for many people and it no longer is really working for it to be happening through individual exemptions. It hasn’t really been an equitable process with some people getting access quite quickly after applying and others waiting months in limbo, and there’s an increasing demand from patients.

Its clear that this treatment option is quite safe, very safe – we have a lot of research about that now, and very useful for end-of-life concerns, anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, pain. I myself can speak to the value it has had for me in treating my own Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

So I ask you to go ahead with regulations for psilocybin use between patients and their Health Care Providers. It is clear to me as a clinician that many patients are asking for this treatment – they know about it, they know about the possibility of it and the value of it. I am also seeing some patients who sought out a situation that wasn’t legal, to be able to have this treatment option, and they didn’t necessarily feel good about being in that situation. So I really ask you to deeply consider the proposal put forward to you by TheraPsil for regulations and to go ahead with this as soon as possible. Thank you for your consideration.”

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