"After Neurofeedback, I Have Stopped Taking Anti-Depressants And Sleeping Pills"

Sagar Rawal, a business owner by profession, lost his father to a heart attack some time ago. As a result, Sagar developed PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), which is a mental health condition where a person is affected by a traumatic incident, which in Sagar’s case, was the death of a loved one. Soon, he was consumed by the fear of passing away due to a heart attack, himself. He would get palpitations, and even started taking sleeping pills and anti-depressants to feel better.
Nothing seemed to work, till Sagar enrolled in brain training sessions. Within four Neurofeedback sessions, Sagar felt calmer and could sleep better. He maintains that after having completed his brain training course, his fears are completely gone, he is a transformed person and no longer has to rely on any sort of medication.

Source: Youtube