Aleddra Air Sanitizing Desktop Lamp kills viruses on contact With ViraPure Technology

Aleddra Air Sanitizing Desktop Lamp kills viruses on contact With ViraPure Technology and CIRCADIAN LIGHTING
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CIRCADIAN LIGHTING | Our desktop lamp features circadian lighting to simulate the rising and setting of the sun. It gently adjusts throughout the day from blue-enriched LED daylight for activating biological activities to blue-depleted LED night-light for calming down the biological system to result in better sleep quality
MULTI-USE FUNCTIONALITY | The touch-sensitive control panel includes 3 color modes and 2 brightness levels to ensure you can always get the most suitable light color according to your preferred use.
IMPROVE HEALTH WITH BETTER SLEEP | Circadian lighting can be particularly beneficial for those who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Dementia, sleep disorders, and jet lag.
BUILT-IN CHARGING PORTS | The base of our lamp includes 2 easy-access USB ports so you can charge your phone, tablet, laptop, or other electronic devices.
AIR SANITIZING | The air-permeable lampshade has a ViraPure self-cleaning coating for filtering pathogens, fungi, and allergens. The built-in 2-speed fan keeps the air circulating and clean.

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