All Piece of Shit Youtubers Go Burn In Hell!!! Part 2

I am just testing Raisen KOFA by bashing these horrible users, I might put him in my anti retard crew on mugen. I need a strong alliance for characters

Tails Doll

this idiot started to flame me because I made a bashing video of said character for his username, which is some trash that was purposely made to be bash on mugen but since this guy is a brain dead moron that fails to do his research. let me also add in the fact that this typical sonic fantard will sent death threats against me, has bot accounts, loves supporting a crappypasta character, and bashes good characters I like such as Kuro Devil. he also loves to wank this said shitty character by giving no proof at all on why he solos every fictional character, wake up to reality you moron because the sonic universe is nothing compared to marvel and dragon ball since those universes would have characters that would solo everyone. tails doll is a street level, someone like thanos or goku would pimp slap him.

belle Delphine

you’re the reason why I will be a virgin forever, that is a good thing. this disgusting whore has been selling bath water, all the no life scumbag idiots paid for it and made videos drinking said water. I would rather waste my money on paying for applebee’s everyday, since that good stuff compared to your garbage! she looks like a total retard anyway

Dark burster1

this idiot goes around bastardizing mostly mortal kombat characters on mugen, first he steals them and then injects his shitty inflation fetish. add in the fact that they are so fucking cheap, broken and glitchy! what do you expect, from a total scumbag that comes from a toxic waste dump called DeviantArt which is also garbage. he makes up bullshit excuses just like any other clown I expose, you will never prove me wrong


this guy reminds me of my abusive dad, both of them need to suffer with getting the medieval torture for giving me Post traumatic stress disorder!!! this asshole has a retarded fanbase that is insane and sick as him, and he abuse his kids on camera named cody and emma. you can tell that is a devil in disguise

Source: Youtube