Waves, forest, rain, thunder sounds or birdsong are relaxing to our minds and help us to sleep, study or for meditation. We are able to relax with these wonderful soothing sleep sounds. Rhythmic crashing of water onto sand and rock can be quite calming. Relaxation, contentment, and gentle focus, the wave sound can be deeply relaxing. Rippling flow, water bubbles down the side of a small garden waterfall. A stream burbles as it travels along its bed, bubbling over rocks and branches.

Water sounds have long been used in meditation to create a soothing atmosphere for our minds. rhythm of ocean waves and tides coming in and out can affect the rhythm of the neuronal “waves” in our brain, encouraging a more peaceful pace of thought. Enjoy yourself with these relaxing nature sounds, sounds of the forest, waterfalls and birdsong. Permit yourself to relax and de-stress.

Nature sounds to be very therapeutic and stress relieving. The calming sounds of nature are a natural tonic for mind and body. Also, natural source of White Noise and are ideal for sleep and masking distracting sounds. Listening to a water is a great way to wash your daily worries away: close your eyes or lie down, and let the natural sounds permeate your mind.

Nature sounds can give the feeling of clear-headed calm that washes over you when you listen to water babbling down a stream, or leaves rustling in the wind? Natural sounds and green environments have been linked with relaxation

Nature sounds gives patterns that have been linked to conditions involving psychological stress (including depression, psychological stress ).

When listening to natural sounds, the brain connectivity reflected an outward-directed focus of attention; when listening to artificial sounds, the brain connectivity reflected an inward-directed focus of attention, similar to states observed in anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder and depression.

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