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HEADPHONES ARE RECOMMENDED, Ambient Pulse Music , With Rain

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Welcome to The1111Club and our video is about the Sound of Rain mixed with beautiful music, 11:11 Hours of Gentle Rain Sounds with music for Sleeping and Relaxing.

What could be more relaxing than the sound of the Gentle Rain mixed with beautiful music? Sounds of the rain drops replicate the relaxing feeling.

Sleep plays an important role for maintaining physical and mental health and is critical for general well-being. Sleep troubles are highly common in our society. The rain sounds are music to our ears. For those that live in the city, the nights can be full of sounds which tend to keep us awake. The rain usually covers all other noises and allows us to concentrate on the monotone rain sounds instead because the white noise effect from the rain allow our minds to fixate our thoughts on the rain sound which help us to relax easier and sleep faster.

Our 11:11 hours of nonstop gentle rain sounds mixed with beautiful music offers positive energy to your body and mind. The rain sound effect is the ultimate sound to relax to. It is also excellent for meditation and also helps quiet the mind and take stress away from you. You can use this peaceful music as deep healing music and for a quick recharging relax. We believe this music will help you remove negative energy from your life. Focus that beautiful mind of yours to the light! We have it all in us you beautiful souls!

Use our Beautiful & positive music as background music during your Yoga, Meditation, Work & Therapy sessions. Beat your insomnia with our amazing combined sounds of selective music and rain. Sleeping with this music also is a sound you should use every night to fall asleep. Simply put it on in the background and enjoy falling asleep like a baby!

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