An offender has secretly taped her conversation with Singapore Police Force

A 19 years old Chinese female teenager was arrested for vandalism on 17th July 2007, and eventually was sentenced to 2 and a half months imprisonment by a plain moron district judge Victor Yeo Khee Eng who made stupid mistakes by jumping the gun that the teen was not suitable for probation and in the end, her appeal against her sentence was heard by a Justice Lee Seiu Kin on 12th December 2007, that she was released on the same day of her appeal. The High Court said that the sentencing judge Victor Yeo had surprised the Justice Lee the appeal judge from High Court that he did not call for the probation report before he put her to Changi Women’s Prison on 9th November 2007.

As a result of wrong punishments done by Victor Yeo, the teenager has suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder who was diagnosed by Institute of Mental Health in 2008.

Since her jail term, she has not been able to move forward because that stupid Victor Yeo has never apologized to her after knowing what High Court has heavily penalized his mistakes.

Ever since she suffers the blow to her psychologically, her former IMH doctors had betrayed her trusts in them…

The IMH did not even cure her illnesses that she fired them by seeking second opinions from other hospital where the doctor diagnosed her with Bipola Disorder and then realized that IMH policy is to sentence all offenders to death. The IMH doesnt have its patients at hearts. The teen offender will always sympathies with IMH offenders cum patients because whoever the offenders remanded at IMH, the offenders are always honest with remand doctors but the remand doctors alwyas twist their words by writing nasty comments in their medical reports against the offenders.

So, this traumatised teenage offender urges all Singaporeans not to trust IMH doctors who are out there to betray their offenders cum patients’ trusts in them.

The offender will never forgive that narrow minded , unimportant and unwanted plain moron judge Victor Yeo who has until today, never apologized to her.

In August 2013, the teen offender filed a civil suits against the Jurong Police Sia Cheong Yen and the fucking Victor Yeo the judge that they started to be frightened for being sued by her that they immediately hired stupid AGC Nichola Lim and Kailyn as their lawyers. As the offender cannot travels to Singapore too often just for Pre Trials Conference, she decided to withdraw her cases against the bastards on 11th December 2013.

Source: Youtube