Andy Lee 'suffers from PTSD' after filming comedy travel show

GET YOUR CUSTOM KETO DIET HERE: Andy Lee ‘suffers from PTSD’ after filming comedy travel show. He’s known for having a laugh and not taking life too seriously.

But Andy Lee has revealed he ‘suffers’ from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after filming several travel shows with his best friend, Hamish Blake.

The former radio host, 38, told TV Week he had ‘some real fear’ about what Hamish, 37, was going to make him do in their upcoming series, Perfect Holiday.

‘I had PTSD from some of the previous stuff we’ve filmed,’ Andy said.

‘In episode two, Hamish had taken me to a different state and said he’d organised lunch. That just brought back all the memories of the [unusual] food I’ve eaten over the years.’

It’s unclear if Andy actually suffers from PTSD or if he was simply being facetious.

Hamish & Andy’s Perfect Holiday follows the two mates as they put each other through a series of gut-wrenching challenges across the U.S.

While Andy had his fair share of painful challenges, it’s hard to imagine anything more brutal than what he puts Hamish through in the first episode.

Speaking to, Andy recalled the moment when his friend had ‘saliva coming out of his eyeballs’ while eating the hottest chilli in the world.

‘Gloves had to be worn at all times when handling the chilli. If you get some on your skin, it basically burns and causes blisters. It can get really bad really quick,’ Andy explained.

The chilli, called Pepper X, had never been eaten raw by a human before, Hamish being the first person to ever attempt it.

Hamish & Andy’s Perfect Holiday premiers Sunday, November 17 at 7pm on Nine

Source: Youtube