Anti~Fashion Show 2019

Anti~Fashion says NO to disposable fashion! The fashion industry is a major contributor to landfill, its time to do something about it…….

60% of clothing bought in the UK makes its way to incinerators or landfill within a year of purchase
Less than 1% of the material used in clothing production around the world is recycled after use
300,000 tonnes of clothes are sent to British landfills every year

Most of the clothing in this show has been upcycled from unwanted garments, (some fabric has been sourced from remnants too). Something Out Of Nothing hopes you will be inspired, use your imagination, be creative, recycle, upcycle, swap with friends, donate (be sure to research charities you donate to, many are corrupt), dont throw clothes away, every fibre can be transformed into something new, if you know how and if you dont then please share our work or support us at

I dropped out of fashion college in the ’90s in pursuit of a more “psychedelic” lifestyle after failing the final year due to dropping too much LSD before my final presentation🤔
In 2013 i started painting again in response to trauma, as i got caught in a 12 year abusive marriage. I now have Complex PTSD (thanks mommy dearset!😨) & Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (from the ex🤮). After leaving the marriage and my job as an auditor i got rehoused in Wales fleeing bullying & manipulation.
………I believe anything is possible. Its been 26 years since i last did a fashion show, now i call it “Anti~Fashion”!!!! This weekend we did three!!!!!! Just wanted to share with all of you out there who lack confidence in yourselves………. Follow your heart and your dreams and your God ♥️

Let’s make Anti~Fashion the next “label”!!!!!! 😘

“Leave your mind and come to your senses”
“Be still and know you are Od”

Special thanks to my son, Ryan (for the music), Jules, Lara, Ray, Sue, Lisa you are fantastic models, thank you for helping celebrate the female form as it should be!….. & Hugh, my beloved (for being such a good sport and for putting up with me). Without you all this would not have been possible.♥️


Source: Youtube