antlion ptsd

guess whos back?
back again
mcgilms back
tell a friend

antlions are horrible
theyre the worst part about half-life
bad antlions

musci used
sector sweep:
and a remix:
youre not supposed to be here:
and a remix:
2001: a space odyssey theme:

websites i have a more likely chance of taking over (wait does discord count as a website?):
me twitter:
me twitch:
me second channel:
me discord server:
me demon spawn:

outro music is stal by C418.

woah you read the description
my garsh
yeah thanks that means you know if i intentionally did something or not
so good for you
how about you subscribe?
and tell everyone about how im the best youtuber ever conceived
i am asking you to lie to your friends right now
go do that
im not giving you money though

i shall now return to my dark hole of silence for the next 3 years
do not wake me from my slumber
or you shall suffer the consequences

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