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An Anxiety Blanket, sometimes referred to as a gravity blanket or weighted blanket has shown to be a really popular choice for those experiencing anxiety and insomnia type symptoms but it can help so much more!

Who Should Use an Anxiety Blanket and How’s It Work?

There are much more weighted blanket benefits apart from those simply experiencing high stress and anxiety. For many years, several studies have shown that weighted blanket therapy can also assist those people being challenged by insomnia and other sleep disorders, like stress and even Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Autistic Spectrum Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder!

People from all avenues are flocking to the use of an anxiety blanket for these disorders and conditions as they are a completely drug free type of treatment; a treatment option being sought out way more often nowadays.

Weighted blankets for anxiety and sleeping disorder related conditions work by creating a deep pressure and relaxing touch on and around the body. This in turn leads to relaxation and all the psychological “decreasing” impacts. A weighted blanket for stress and anxiety utilizes this gentle pressure and weight to encourage the release of the sleep hormone. On the other hand at the same time, the hormone responsible for producing tension and agitation is prevented.

Why more of us need these gravity blankets than ever before …

Thanks to our extreme and “electronic” lifestyles, not forgetting our addiction to checking our phones right before bed, insomnia and other sleep conditions have increased rapidly in established nations especially. Even if you are not a stress and anxiety victim, you too could enjoy some weighted blanket benefits!

Many individuals who have actually purchased a heavy blanket for stress and anxiety and sleeping disorders have reported in sheer delight and exhilaration, just how fantastic it feels to lastly get a great and revitalizing, full sleep– the very best nights sleep I have actually had in years is a popular claim!

Maybe explained best, an anxiety blanket duplicates the sensation of being held or perhaps hugged, relaxing the nerve system and lowering stress. For that reason, it is so great for all of us– who doesn’t want the security of being held tight and loved– however specifically excellent as a comforter for children or anxious adults. A well-matched weighted anxiety blanket will have you and your children getting to sleep quicker, sleeping much better and also for longer! for the USA for Australia

However it’s not just for anxiety and insomnia either! Weighted blanket therapy can be beneficial when attempting to relax the mind for a meditation session, when you are a little agitated in bed and even simply as a soothing and peaceful impact when checking out a book or viewing TV.

Apart from the conditions noted above, an anxiety blanket can even aid with controlling weight gain!

So, What’s in An Anxiety Blanket?

The compartmentalized inner blanket is made from 100% pure, breathable cotton. Each compartment is then filled with filled with hypo-allergenic and odorless plastic poly pellets that make the magic take place!

New users of a weighted anxiety blanket will discover that it is certainly significantly heavier than a normal blanket. This pressure is what produces the relaxing, hug/hold result. It should not take more than a few days, at the really most a week, for your body to season to your new weighted blanket. After that, you will most likely seem like normal bed blankets are far too light!

The Amy Garden Anxiety Blanket comes in a variety of sizes.
When choosing a brand-new weighted anxiety blanket for yourself or maybe a family member, utilize the guide of 10%. Suggesting the blanket must just be as heavy as 10% of the body-weight of the person using it. You can go up to as high as 15%; not for kids, however more when it comes to picking weighted blankets for grownups with stress and anxiety.

Amy Garden Weighted Blanket Amazon Sizes:.

48″ x 72″ – 15lbs 36 ” x 48″ – 5lbs 40″ x 60″ – 10lbs.
48″ x 72″ – 12lbs 60″ x 80″ – 15lbs 60″ x 80″ – 20lbs.

Who Is the Anxiety Blanket NOT Recommended For?

It is our strong suggestions that a weighted blanket ought to NOT be utilized on babies or pregnant women for safety factors. Those that are very weak, or frail should also not utilize this product.

Align yourself with those already enjoying a fantastic and refreshing nights sleep and grab yourself an anxiety blanket today! for the USA for Australia

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