Anxiety is A Bad Thing

If you have watched most of my videos, you know that the titles are always an indication of what I am going to talk about and they usually are just plain and simple to give you insight on what I am about to say. But the reason I make these titles so simple by condoning or denouncing the things that I talk about is because not everyone knows what to think. Surprisingly, you will find that not everyone knows that anxiety is a terrible thing, which is the title of this video. Anxiety is bad and yet so many people have it, as though it is a chronic disease, which it is, but people representing anxiety often display it as though it’s something light. You will see vloggers on YouTube tell you about their anxiety and how it is ‘affecting’ them. You will see people on Instagram who make thread accounts and tell you about how to deal with anxiety. The thing about anxiety is that it is categorized differently in everyone. According to , there are eight types of anxiety. There is Generalized Anxiety Disorder, where you feel worried or concerned about something. There is Panic Disorder, which is the state of constantly being fearful of something and you frequently experience panic disorders. There is Health Anxiety, which is when you experience symptoms of a medical condition and begin to fear that you have that condition, examples of this being people who began to feel sick during the COVID-19 pandemic. There is Social Anxiety Disorder, where you constantly fear being public embarrassment or criticism, specific phobias where you fear a particular thing, Agoraphobia which is the fear of public spaces, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) where you have flashbacks to traumatic events of your past and avoid being triggered for stress and anxiety and there is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) where your obsessive thoughts generate anxiety and you relieve them by engaging in compulsive behaviors. There probably are more reliable sources out there that can explain even more kinds of anxiety and give you an in depth feel of what anxiety is truly like, but for the purpose of this video, I have demonstrated those eight so that you may know that anxiety comes in all kinds of forms and it will probably affect you severely if you don’t get help. It may be convenient to attribute anxiety to several of the problems that we have in life but sometimes, you are just having a bad day. Sometimes a bad week. It is life, and you should learn to embrace it. But if you truly do have concern that you may have issues with your mental health, consult a professional or specialist to assist you in getting help.

Source: Youtube