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Attention all international authorities thank you for sharing this link with me this night hence it appears now that these gangs of new york aka domestic terrorist aka agents dba police are in fact able to receive up to 74000 in early retirement pension also 30 000 for post traumatic stress disorder also 700 million and up 2 billion set aside for said fire and police agents see if this is true if so have all agents who killed said people innocently deliberatly charges and have said notes funds go to the victims tribes families subject to said haneos war crimes against humanity thank you in advance for your speedy attention to this matter by: Nobel Honorable Ang El Inah D Al Phette El all rights reserved here is the video link
thank you NOE for sharing
here is judge sharon tracey gale bey explaining the fraud srawman and the corrupt corporations using our estates as their credit etc

to become a moors sharif contact judge sharon go to link
hiv is a retro virus it does not exist agent orange they had to slaughter a bunch of pigs they got it from pigs called agent orange
here is Taj tarik bey explaining all
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18 U.S. Code § 914. Creditors of the United States
U.S. Code
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Whoever falsely personates any true and lawful holder of any share or sum in the public stocks or debt of the United States, or any person entitled to any annuity, dividend, pension, wages, or other debt due from the United States, and, under color of such false personation, transfers or endeavors to transfer such public stock or any part thereof, or receives or endeavors to receive the money of such true and lawful holder thereof, or the money of any person really entitled to receive such annuity, dividend, pension, wages, or other debt, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than five years, or both.moors=creditors

I am commented: “Mercenaries dba Police Officers…… Title 18 USUSsec 913 = Impersonators. making arrest or search”

Source: Youtube