Are You lost in the World like Me_Sad_Animation_On_My_Generation

Smartphones give us the ability to connect with our friends and family, to news and entertainment, to websites from CNN to Number Direct with just a tap of a touch screen. In short: they have become a crucial part of everyday life.

However, overusing the product in such a fashion is the main reason people are becoming addicted. Some find it difficult to function without their phone by their side. Approximately 72% of People said they are rarely more than five feet away from their handset at any time. This is what is known as nomophobia (an abbreviation of no mobile phobia); the fear that being away from your phone somehow disconnects you from the world.

As with many forms of addiction, smartphone addiction is also something that often stems from other underlying emotional and psychological issues. It can be a side effect of depression or obsessive-compulsive disorder. Overuse of a handset can be a crutch that people with post-traumatic stress, attention deficit and social anxiety lean on too.
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Source: Youtube