Army to Review Discharges Related to Mental Health Conditions

The Army has agreed to review thousands of post-9/11 veterans’ less-than-honorable discharges due to misconduct attributable to mental health conditions such as PTSD, TBI, MST, and more as part of a class-action lawsuit. Additionally, the lawsuit alleges that the U.S. Army Discharge Review Board systematically denied discharge upgrade applications from servicemembers with other than honorable and general discharges who experienced mental health conditions.

Learn how many Veterans will be affected by this action, and what the Army is doing to remedy the situation.

Read about discharge statuses and how they affect eligibility for VA disability benefits:

0:00 Introduction
1:08 Background on Kennedy v. McCarthy Class Action Lawsuit
2:21 The Specifics: Army Discharges and Mental Health Conditions
3:30 Which Classes of Veterans Are Impacted?
4:55 What’s the Army’s Response? What Do Veterans Have to Do?
7:31 What Are the Next Steps?
8:20 Significance, Effects on Veterans, and VA Benefits Access
11:10 Final Thoughts

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Source: Youtube