Army Veteran Is Pulled Up By The Police, Officer Has Seen His Flag And Decided To Stop Him!

Army Veteran Is Pulled Up By The Police, Officer Has Seen His Flag And Decided To Stop Him!

When the very brave man and women that serve our country come home after months abroad, they have baggage, both mental and emotional. Quite often many of us can’t imagine how these brave men and women carry baggage like this. Many veterans come home with PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Some seek help for their condition, but there are many that don’t seek help, don’t know how to get help or feel like they should just carry on without help and go unchecked.

William Jazwinski was sure that he couldn’t go through life without getting help for his problems, he was a former Heavy Wheeled Vehicle Operator for the United States Army and he had many terrible and painful memories after months in Iraq.

He really also felt that fighting for his country was an honor and he never removed the flag from his truck, he kept it there, in fact, he was very proud of it, but he never thought that his pride in his service would make him a target of law enforcement officers.

From the account of his tour he was a brave and great honorable soldier, he would have done anything for his fellow servicemen and women. The hot and long shifts in Iraqui deserts along with the demanding training schedules brought the battalions together in ways they never imagined.

William and his team, once they were on a mission, there was truly nothing that could stop them from achieving their objective!

He was dedicated to all of his duties, but it was apparent that his duties took their toll on him. He had seen things that no one should have to see in life, and the time away from his family was hard, but even though it all he was proud to have served his country!

When Williams tour came to an end, he came home and drove his truck with a neatly and correctly folded United States flag on his dashboard. It really was the perfect way to keep reminding himself the well-learned lessons of his service to his country.

William’s perspective about having the flag in his truck was completely different after he had been stopped by the police. Just as the officer’s red and blue lights came on, William looked down to see he wasn’t speeding, what was it all about?

The veteran soldier was ready with his license and registration for the office, but quite puzzled, the officer was not looking for his license and registration though!

Source: Youtube