Ashley Michelle witnessed her ex murdering somebody and she was told that she was next!

Hi beautiful listeners, welcome back to the Victim 2 Victor podcast, my name is Anu and I am your host and in todays podcast episode, I have Ashley Michelle on my show. Ashley is the author of ‘Finding Strength through tragedy’ after experiencing a series of tragic events that could have killed her though she used these experiences to regain her internal strength and is now inspiring many others with her light and wisdom.

Ashley shares her experiences with us as she raises awareness about the harmful consequences that can endure as a result of trauma. She is aiming to create a society of less judgement. When we look at a homeless person who is abusing drugs, our first impression of them is usually that they are an addict. We don’t know their life story or what may have happened to them that they now need drugs as a form of escapism so why do we so instantly judge?

Ashley was sexually assaulted and a witness to a murder scene where her ex-boyfriend had just killed someone whom she knew, he locked the door behind her and told her that she was next. Thankfully she escaped, but, from that moment, her life has been filled with Post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, and anxiety.

Instead of allowing this to take over her life, she chose to talk about what had happened to her, but more importantly, about her healing process so it can inspire people to change their lives after going through their own tough times.

Ashley would like somebody to look at her and say, because of you, I didn’t give up!

Source: Youtube