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Hey guys – little more “serious” of a video for you here. I don’t want to call this a role play because I’m not playing a role in this, unless that role is myself. I know what anxiety is like, and how terrifying and overwhelming panic attacks feel like. I use ASMR when I feel like I can’t get in control of those anxious feelings that bubble underneath the surface. So I hope you find this video comforting and helpful.

Just remember, no matter how overwhelming the anxiety feels, or the panic attack, YOU ARE IN CONTROL. Breathe through your nose. You can regulate your breathing, you can. And it will take a few minutes, but you can do it. And if it gets so bad that you pass out, it’s okay. Its scary but its okay. Passing out is a protective mechanism your body has. Im not giving out medical advice, but if you are passing out due to high amounts of anxiety, I would encourage you seek medical help, for safety (falls, injuries) and your well being. Lots of love.

The video includes: whispered speaking, running my hands through your hair, brushing your face to give you a different stimuli to focus on, ssshhing in your ear, telling you its okay, that you’re okay, deep breaths.

Here are some downtempo tracks that might help your body to relax.
Carbon Based Lifeforms – 42

Nuages – Dreams


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My channel mission:
My aim is to provide you with a space where you can unwind and release from the day. I not only want to provide you with relaxing tingles, but offer my presence to you, too. I created this channel due to the amount of time I spend watching ASMR videos and out of my growing interest with them. I am interested in the unique viewer/uploader relationship with these type of videos -I am sometimes in awe of the viewers special way of acknowledging a person’s unique quirks, mannerisms and general demeanor.

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