Asperger’s Q&A and Trauma, PTSD

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I believe that many of us on the spectrum have experienced / still experience trauma due to the nature of being autistic. Autism not only makes us more susceptible to “typical” trauma associated with PTSD (i.e. bullying, violence, sexual assault, etc.), but situations typical people consider “minor” or only slightly upsetting can be traumatic to autistic people– like repeated social rejection, being lied to, sensory overload, and the struggle of living in a world not built for us.

Getting a diagnosis for PTSD as an autistic person can be difficult because it does not consider many of our experiences to be intense enough (for a typical person) to be traumatic. We may instead be labeled as overdramatic and stuck in our ways. We may obsess over a situation where someone has hurt us, while other people are wondering why we’re not “over it.” We may have extreme reactions, fears, and phobias that are brushed off as “minor” when they are really terrifying for us.

Everyone experiences trauma differently, so what I discuss here is from my own experience and what I have perceived in others.

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