Asperger’s Syndrome & The DSM 5

Asperger’s Syndrome in the DSM 5 is now known as Level 1 ASD. They change language. ASD is not a mental illness or diagnosis regarding mental health at all. Why is it in the DSM 5? Why did they shove Asperger’s Syndrome in with Autistic Spectrum Disorders? (ASD).

Psychiatry has a malevolent intent with this. Asperger’s Syndrome is still Asperger’s Syndrome and has no business being the purview of psychiatry at all.

There is an agenda here. They are working to actively pathologize everyone and re-defining language is playing with reality. ASD has nothing to do with mental illness yet they consider it their domain.

Just as in DSM 5 they removed Histrionic Personality Disorder from Cluster B, refuse to include Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder at all, and try to – effectively linguistically do – remove Asperger’s Syndrome from the lexicon and to what end?

Think this isn’t relevant to you? Think “I’m not diagnosed with anything so I am not worried?” Hey, they came for this and that, keep adding “mental illnesses” to each edition of the DSM. They are going to pathologize everyone.

Time to open your mind to the over-riding devious nature of bully psychiatry and its, what, “narcissistic” need to control people by not at all defining mental health – just illness – oh, that isn’t agenda driven now is it?

I would suggest, how could it be anything else? The big five trait model now being used to study and re-frame autism as a mental illness – quite the stretch that and much more they are up to.

Source: Youtube