At – Risk Youth Heals PTSD Naturally – Testimonial

Post Traumatic Stress causes many different mental and physical health challenges no matter what age or uniform we wear.

Question is, what kind of natural tools are we able to use in our daily routines to help manage these challenges , and prevent them from ruining our lives, our familes, and our quality of life.

“My name is Harley James Dundas, 3 years ago my dad passed away in a motorcycle accident and ever since then i’ve had Post Traumatic Stress and it’s been a big deal in my life”.

“I didn’t know what to do” ?

“Before I came to Camp My Way, when I went to sleep, I felt like I wasn’t asleep, the slightest noise in my room would wake me up”.

I just couldn’t fall asleep, my body just wouldnt’d physically go to sleep, my mind would wander for hours all night.

I had insomnia and I’d be luckey if I got one good night sleep a month.

After my first night here at Camp My Way, I slept ok, and after Chris Duquemin fixed me, my sleep has got much better.

My experience with Claire Kelly, was awsome, very emotional and very uplifting. I felt a lot more relief and that I could accept things more easier.

I felt a spike in my intuition, I met my power animals and I even got a message from my Dad .. “that was really cool”.

“Moving forward, I feel that after this Camp my life is going to be a lot easier and a lot better”.


Their is ONLY ONE program in the entire world that actually shares natural tools and supports At Risk Youth, First Responders, Canadian Armed Forces Veterans along with their spouces who have been effected by PTSD.

This Camp was only made possible because of your generous donations to our Go Fund Me, along with the support of our amaizing sponsors.

In order for us to continue building our Camp My Way Wilderness Program and open the doors ( year round ) for more kids like Harley .. please donate today or share this post / link with your friends and family.

Thank you for your time, support and investment in helping us build our Camp My Way Wilderness Program.

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