Attachment Styles and Relationships / Childhood trauma in Adulthood / The “Normal” B.S.

Attachment Styles and Relationships / Childhood trauma in Adulthood / The “Normal” B.S.// If you have experienced childhood trauma and are interested in learning more about trauma and the brain, as it pertains to attachment theory and/or attachment styles, this video is for you! In this video, we explore how healing attachment wounds is really about healing childhood trauma in adult relationships, because childhood traumas can lead to trauma attachments, sometimes called “trauma bonding.” Healing attachment trauma begins with a comprehensive understanding of brain development, as well as how the brain and nervous system responds to post traumatic stress. In this video, we specifically introduce the concepts of childhood developmental trauma, or complex PTSD, and expand on how healing developmental trauma means reparenting yourself when you were not able to experience normal childhood development.

Here are the timestamps:
00:00 Intro
01:04 Get Caught Up [LINK]
01:53 Take the Attachment Styles Quiz [LINK]
02:08 The Myth of “Normal”
03:02 Two Types of Trauma
04:36 Dismissive Scenario
06:58 Enmeshed Scenario
10:17 Emotional Crowding
11:14 Emotional Isolation
12:16 Case Study Illustration: Katarina and Tim
16:56 Some Final Thoughts
18:55 Next Week’s Topic

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