Awkward Sibling Hour Episode 4: Autism & PTSD

Two #ActuallyAutistic siblings chat about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and our complicated relationship with it PLUS bonus talk about food & drinks! We also may chat about anything else that tickles our fancy.

Everyone is welcome to join us and participate in this live chat, comment later or lurk to your introverted heart’s content. We’ll explore this neurotypical world through the perspectives of a neurodivergent male and female who have been diagnosed with autism

We will be doing an autistic chatstream and maybe even a few writing sprints. Who knows? We’ll also be sharing food and drink recipes and other cooking tips from the book we’ve yet to finish about coping with a parent’s cancer #AuthorTubeRecipe #PTSDCoping #CopingSkills #AutismAwareness

Awkward Sibling Hour Playlist:

Tom of A Fink Fix will be co-hosting

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