Baaghi 2 full movie||baaghi 2|tiger shroff new movie||new bollywood movie|| new hindi movie||

Baaghi 2 full movie||baaghi 2|tiger shroff new movie||new bollywood movie|| new hindi movie||

Baaghi 2 full movie||baaghi 2|tiger shroff new movie||new bollywood movie|| new hindi movie||
Baaghi 2 (transl. Rebel 2) is a 2018 Indian Hindi-language action thriller film directed by Ahmed Khan and produced by Sajid Nadiadwala under the banner of Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment.[1] Based on the Telugu film Kshanam, it stars Tiger Shroff and Disha Patani and is a spiritual sequel to the 2016 film Baaghi.[4][5] It is the second installment to the Baaghi film series. Prateik Babbar and Manoj Bajpayee were cast as the antagonists. It followed by another spiritual sequel Baaghi 3 which is again directed by Ahmed Khan and released on 6 March 2020.
Neha Is a married woman who has a child named Reah whom she loves dearly. On Reah’s first day of school, Neha is attacked by masked men. Neha files a complaint to the police saying that the men took Reah away. The police conducts investigation but finds nothing Helpless Neha asks her former boyfriend Ranveer “Ronnie” Pratap Singh, an Indian army Para ‘sf’ soldier for help

Ronnie remember’s his college life: Ronnie was a slam ball champion who fell in love with Neha who is also in the Same college. After some incidents, Neha too falls in love with Ronnie. Her father who has cancer, Asks Neha to marry Shekar, A wealthy business man before dying. Neha who wants to fulfill her father’s last wish tearfully says farewell to Ronnie.

Back in the present Ronnie agrees to help Neha. They go to the police station where Ronnie beats all the police man there when one of the policeman try to flirt with Neha. Ronnie gets arrested and is released on the request of DIG, Ajay Shergill. He is summoned back to the army by the colonel but listen’s to his heart on his friend Usman request. He goes to Reah’s school where the principal said that no kidnapping has happened in the school. Ronnie meets Shekar’s brother Sunny who is a drug addict. Ronnie follow’s Sunny to a building where he finds out that Usman is in involved in drug peddling, fights two people and defeats them. He asks Usman about Reah who tells him that he doesn’t Know Reah. Meanwhile a new police commissioner Loha Singh Dull or ‘LSD’ is assigned. Ronnie publishes a picture of Reah in a newspaper and will give a reward to anyone who can find her. Ronnie fakes his name as Anand Rustagi. Shekar calls Ronnie and tells Neha was diagnosed with PTSD(Post-Traumatic stress disorder) and begins to think she has a child named Reah while also adding that they don’t have a child named Reah. Ronnie checks CCTV footage and finds out that there was no one else other than Neha in the car. Ronnie angrily yells at Neha, who asks Ronnie to leave. Ronnie sees a hight chart and begins to doubt himself but Neha committed sucide as no one Believed her.

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