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Neha Is A Married Woman Who Has A Child Named Rhea, Whom She Loves Dearly. On Rhea’s First Day Of School, Neha Is Attacked By Masked Men. Neha Files A Complaint To The Police, Saying That The Men Took Rhea Away. The Police Conduct An Investigation But Find Nothing. Helpless Neha Asks Her Former Boyfriend Ranveer “Ronnie” Pratap Singh, An Indian Army Para SF Soldier, For Help.
Ronnie Remembers His College Life: He Was Neha’s Collegemate. After Some Incidents, Neha Too Falls In Love With Ronnie. Her Father, Mahendra, Who Has Cancer, Asks Neha To Marry Shekhar, A Wealthy Businessman, Before Dying. Neha, Who Wants To Fulfill Mahendra’s Last Wish, Tearfully Breaks Up With Ronnie.
Back In The Present, Ronnie Meets A Terrified Neha And Agrees To Help Her. They Go To The Police Station Where The F.I.R. Writer, Inspector Sharad Kute, Misbehaves Towards Neha. Ronnie Beats Up Kute And The Other Policemen In Retaliation, An Action That Gets Him Arrested. Still, He Is Soon Released On D.I.G. Ajay Shergill’s Request, Revealed To Be A Batchmate Of Ronnie’s Commanding Officer, Colonel Ranjit Walia. He Has Summoned Back To Col. Walia’s Army, But Changes His Mind Midway While Traveling With A Local Physically Disabled Agent, Usman Langda, Whose Help He Has Sought, And Goes To Rhea’s School. The Principal Denies Any Kidnapping Incident Around The School Premises. Ronnie Meets Shekhar’s Brother Sunny Who Is A Drug Addict. Ronnie Follows Sunny To A Building Where He Finds Out That Usman Is Involved In Drug Peddling, Fights Two People, And Defeats Them. He Asks Usman About Rhea, But The Latter Doesn’t Seem To Know Anything. Meanwhile, A New Police Commissioner, Loha Singh “L.S.D.” Dull, Is Assigned To The Case. Ronnie Publishes A Picture Of Rhea In A Newspaper Promising To Give A Reward To Anyone Who Can Find Her. Shekhar Calls Ronnie And Tells Neha Was Diagnosed With Post-traumatic Stress Disorder And Began To Hallucinate About Having A Daughter Named Rhea, While Also Adding That He Doesn’t Have A Daughter. Ronnie Checks The CCTV Footage And Finds Out No One Else Other Than Neha In The Car. Ronnie Angrily Yells At Neha, Who Asks Him To Leave. As He Is Just About To Leave, He Sees Height Measurements On The Wall Indicating That Rhea Could Be A Real Child And Begins To Doubt Himself, But It Is A Split Second Too Late As Neha Jumps From The Grill To Commits Suicide, Feeling Helpless Because No One Believed Her.
Usman Eventually Admits To Having “Seen Rhea” When He Visits Ronnie At A Hotel – He Had Called Sunny For Drug Delivery When He Spotted Sunny’s Men Taking A Blindfolded Rhea To A Den. Sunny Paid Usman To Keep Quiet Or Be Killed. They Go To A Bar Where Ronnie Fights Sunny’s Henchman And Chase Sunny, But L.S.D. Captures Ronnie, Who He Had Asked To Wait At The Hotel. The Police Interrogate Sunny, But Before Sunny Shoots The Officer, Ajay Kills Sunny. Ronnie Says That He Has Evidence That Rhea Is Alive, And The Evidence Is Usman. Ajay Takes Ronnie To His House, Telling Ronnie That He Lost His Family In An Accident. Two Men Come To Usman’s Garage And Brutally Beat Him. Ronnie Comes To Usman’s Garage And Sees A Bleeding Usman And Fights The Two People. Usman Dies Due To His Injuries. Ronnie Takes The Phone Of One Of The Attackers, Only To See A Photo Of Himself Taken In Ajay’s House, And Figures Out That Ajay Is The Mastermind. He Goes To Ajay’s Hideout, Battles Many Goons In Different Parts Of The Jungle, And Destroys Helicopters While Bleeding Profusely. He Kills A Person Who Acted As Rhea’s Father But Is Shot By Ajay, Who Shoots And Injures Ronnie. Ajay Reveals That Shekhar Hated Rhea And Paid Ajay To Kidnap Rhea. He Burnt All Of Rhea’s Photos And Toys. Ajay Also Adds That He Did All This For Money. This Makes Ronnie Angry, And He Beats Up Ajay, Takes A Gun, And Is About To Shoot Ronnie, L.S.D. He Shoots Ajay, Thereby Killing Him. Ronnie Sees A Glimpse Of Rhea Before Fainting.
A Few Days Later, Ronnie Wakes Up In The Hospital. L.S.D. Explains That Shekhar Was Sterile, Which Moved Him To Take Up This Drastic Step, Implying That Rhea Is Not Shekhar’s Daughter But Ronnie’s. Ronnie Remembers When Neha Told Him That She Has To Marry Shekhar, Ronnie And Neha Ended Up Making Love. The Film Ends With Ronnie Taking Rhea To His House And Sees A Vision Of Neha Smiling At Him. Ronnie Smiles Back At Her.

Directed By : Ahmed Khan

Writing Credits (In Alphabetical Order)
Abbas Dalal : (Dialogue Writer)
Hussain Dalal : (Dialogue)
Abbas Hirapurwala : (Screenplay)
Jojo Khan : (Screenplay)
Niraj Kumar Mishra : (Screenplay)
Sajid Nadiadwala : (Story)
Adivi Sesh : (Original Story)

Cast (In Credits Order)
Tiger Shroff : Ranveer Pratap Singh
Disha Patani : Neha
Manoj Bajpayee : DIG Ajay Shergill
Randeep Hooda : Loha Singh Dhull / LSD
Deepak Dobriyal : Usman Langda
Prateik : Sunny Salgoankar
Darshan Kumaar : Shekhar Salgoankar (As Darshan Kumar)

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