Bad Day | CPTSD | Symptoms and Solutions

Poem blog :

Here is a list of the cptsd symptoms I observe :

1. Sinking of heart and heaviness in the heart.
2. Flashbacks of words said to me and the hurt I felt when those words were said.
3. Incessant crying.
4. Suffocation.
5. Feeling of leaving the house and going outside.
6. Inability to function. Feeling like going under a blanket.
7. Heaviness in the head. Brain fog.

Long time effects :

1. Leaving social media.
2. Not wanting to meet anyone.
3. Living life like a recluse.
4. Finding that everything is useless.
5. Going through life looking for a support system.

How to get your power back when CPTSD strikes :

– Best way is to work with a therapist.
– Crying
– Venting it out – talk to a friend, write a letter, write a poem, talk into a microphone app.
– Going out for a walk
– Finally when the cycle ends – letting it go

Source: Youtube