Battle Cam – episode 1

It Gets Real Campy On Rebirth Island When Dr. EeGoN Assumes position as “Warden” -De-Son Tort’. and gains “control” of the PRISON BLOCK….The Prisoners, the Guards, and Trustees alike are no match As they are Expendable and get put down, then eliminated by Dr. EeGoNz Men. The devious doctor Camps, while showing his leadership, Coordinating His Team Into Dominant Positions and produces Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Death before the Victory… Gameplay by: [RUBX]DrEeGoN, Featuring : [RUBX]FlaTLiNeDuCE29 – [WoO]LiL_WoO_ & [Az4PF]Hugobossaz92
-**Couldn’t have done it without good call-outs and the rest of the team**-
!!!Let’s Go, Baby!!! ,,, Wait a minute,,, We Won,,, But We Failed the Challenge.!!
Get deep into the suspense in a Game where; when time progresses it also means the Air around you is Intruded by the looming Gas, Forcing a Final Battle With Every Gamer/Internet Personality/Hostile/and Stream Sniper ever Conceived…shown only on – EeGoNz Battle Cam
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Special Thanks to Green & Purple
Purple Kept Getting Smacked. but you were putting in work ….no worries man.. Good Kill Count, It’s *About Having Fun* 🙂

mission #2 is a Battle Royale Trios challenge.. we need the victory…It takes the Most Lethal Unit to help Dr. EeGoN retrieve a Victory in this Op. We Lost the first half of the Battle Cam footage due to human error. And EeGoN is still playing like it’s a game of PLUNDER. Keep your fingers crossed Dr. EeGoN doesn’t disregard critical mission parameters, by not remaining locked in the warzone fully.. After EeGoNz blowing the loadout money and getting Eliminated twice [5150]BizzleBoy & [RUBX]FlatLiNeDuCE29 have to Carry the Mad Doctor, as he acts like Dave Chapelle until he realizes the steaks are So high, he might lose his sponsorship… BizzleBoy with the Leading Kills Mutes the inebriated Dr. Due to his antics and incessant shouting… When Dr. EeGoN is Redeployed he gathers his focus to bring home the Number 1… & without his Team, Dr. EeGoN would have been crushed, on his very own battle cam. ………..*Mission 3 Coming Soon*………………

First Episode of My New Gaming Show (pilot season) on YouTube
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Music and Gameplay From Call of Duty Warzone Season 2

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