Beauty and the Beast HELLO 1902 BRIGHTON RELIC Found at Gainesville Metal Detecting Club Hunt!

On Saturday, May 1, J-Man was able to slip off to the Gainesville Metal Detecting Club Hunt at a 40-acre wooded permission. The location was near Melrose, FLA. Later that same day, Gainesville and Ocala club members were allowed to detect the larger nearby property of Soldiers Freedom Outdoors. This rural, lake-side location is owned by a nonprofit organization that provides horse therapy and recreational activities for veterans who are overcoming post-traumatic stress disorder (PSTD) and other challenges after serving our beloved United States of America.

This episode marks a double bucket-list find day for J-Man as he finds two early 1900s relics which could have been made for women or men. One was a possible compact or snuff case and the other was a garter or lingerie clip. Metal SHARXS also provides research on the most likely origins of these finds.


Source: Youtube