Benzo Withdrawal PTSD ,Anger & Violent Rage! Why isn't anyone talking about these things?

This is an update of things that have transpired to since Oct 23rd 2019 . Believe when I say, this was not easy for me to speak about. Very disturbing is putting it mildly. By the 9th of Dec 2019 I was in a full blown crisis.
I was kept in ER overnight so they could save my liver then was taken upstairs to Silver Linings A locked ward for the elderly. The worst place I’ve been in, ever!

While going thru 12 months of benzo withdrawal’s I tried to take my life Oct 1st 2019. I almost died. I spoke about it in my video I posted on Oct 23rd 2019 Here is that link:
Please know that I am not a violent person by nature. I can’t even kill an insect. These drugs were designed to alter the brain. The violent behavior I experienced was direct result of this. I do not want anyone else to go what I have been through.

About things concerning my husband I spoke of in this video…
My husband, bless his heart, loves me unconditionally. I can honestly say he worships the ground I walk on.I have never loved anyone more than I love him. He would walk through fire before he would do anything to hurt me. That being said I would of never thought that I could be capable this kind of rage that would cause me to physically hurt someone. That is why I want people to hear my story. This is a possibility that could happen to anyone trying to come off such powerful drugs that are designed to alter your brain. This is so very dangerous coming off of benzo’s , or any psychotic drugs and even more so when coming off so many at the same time in a short period of time.
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