” Beyond The Call ” Full Length PTSD Training Documentary

This is the full 20 minute version of our documentary “Beyond The Call “.
The London Professional Fire Fighters Association, partnering with the London Fire Department and Fanshawe College are proud to release ” Beyond The Call “, a video currently used as a training tool for our members and now released to the public and other fire departments and first responders to help understand and identify the dangers of PTSD. Our goal in producing this video was to highlight and educate the many dangers faced by the fire service and to support ALL First Responders suffering with PTSD and to prevent others from suffering alone and in silence beyond the call. We need to educate and discuss the facts about PTSD and other occupational stresses now. This week at the Ontario Professional Fire Fighters Association Convention in Ottawa, was the first large premier of the video. We encourage all departments to use this video to start a dialog and make a change with your members.

This is a very personal and emotional video, please be aware this will trigger many emotions for those who watch it.

Thank you to all involved and to our very own Matt Davis for bring the driving force behind the creation of this video.

Source: Youtube