Binaural Beats | Healing Brain waves | Boost your intellectual capacities

Binaural beats are overused on youtube, through song and others.
The binaural beats on relaxing zen meditation only respect the principle of the difference in frequencies between two sounds, this is what seems the purest, without the frills of the raw binaural beats for maximum efficiency.

I recommend doing several small sessions rather than a big one.
It will be easier.

it is not very pleasant, but after a few minutes, one feels like a magic which operates, We know the expected effect, see expected, but everyone is invited to express what these beats make him feel binaural.

Enjoy it your own way, for the same goal


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⚫ Relaxing Zen Meditation offers a wide range of choices :

⚫ Music related to sleep in general, deep music sleep, music to fall asleep, to accompany you in a peaceful and soft resting night, but also healing music, against tinnitus or insomnia, Enjoy relaxing deep sleep for the all night or just lullabies. [Alpha waves, Delta waves, Beta waves, Theta waves]

⚫Relaxing Musics or music for meditation suitable for various times of the day, The daily meditation session, yoga, work, The reiki session, music for spa, music for study, even after having undergone significant or post traumatic stress, or simply alleviate the anxiety-inducing aspect of life we still think about covid 19 as well as containment Quarantine and all that that implies. deep meditation release positive energy, allows you to elevate yourself, and gain inner peace.

⚫Healing music or Healing frequency capable of reducing stress and anxiety responsible for many ailments: burnout, depression, phobias, panic disorder, sleep disorders, joint pain, memory loss, stomach ulcer, bloating, diarrhea gastritis, myocardial infarction, disruption of menstrual cycle for some women, herpes, psoriasis or eczema and so on.

⚫Instrumental Music including (Piano Music, Guitar Music and Flute Music and other ancestral instruments).

⚫Study/meditation Music Concentration Music calming music or soothing music is ideal background music to help you to study, concentrate, focus and work more effectively. Facilitates more intense meditation.

⚫Nature music : can be important so as not to disconnect from the nature of life. All these sounds of nature aim to reconnect with Mother nature and not lose sight of what we are offered and what we do with it.

174 Hz ( physical body and energy)|
285Hz (treatment of the body)|
396Hz (Liberating Guilt & Fear) |
417Hz (Undoing Situations & Facilitating Change) |
528Hz (Transformation, Miracles & DNA Repair)
639Hz (Re-Connecting & Balancing Relationships) |
741Hz (Solving Problems, Expressions & Solutions) |
852Hz (Awakening Intuition, Returning to Spiritual Order) |
963 Hz ( highest plane of consciousness)

⚫ [Binaural Beats]:
[The most efficient way to do this, binaural beats (which concern both ears). When listening through stereo headphones two similar sounds, but on slightly different frequencies, the
brain neurons will adopt a frequency equal to the difference. Through example, if the right ear perceives a sound at the frequency of 500 Hz and the left a sound at the frequency of 495 Hz, the neurons will adopt an activity at
the frequency of 5 Hz, the differential frequency (a state of the Theta zone, which corresponds to a deep relaxation or state of hypnosis). We call this mechanism the “frequency adoption response”.

⚫Folklore music.
Relaxing nature music is always beneficial for the own recognition and the beauty of the sounds of our Earth.
Let’s try not to forget it and to concentrate on recovering the knowledge of contemplating it.

⚫Electronic Sweet Music.
Moderns electronics musics but always with a certain depth / emotion and an exquisite sweetness. LOFI etc …

With all my love

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