Bipolar has made me bold. Courage to tell the truth, despite attempts to silence me.

My name is Xanthe Wyse. Diagnosed bipolar 1 disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, social anxiety disorder. The first 2 diagnoses are the main ones.

Update: I’ve never had 5 dislikes in less than 24 hours before. It’s a mystery (sarcasm).

Bipolar has been tough, but it has given me boldness. Manipulative, narcissistic abusers from my past have attempted to intimidate me into silence. My story is coming to light with my creative expression and advocacy, which gives me purpose.

I’m not afraid of anyone attempting to sue me, as I don’t own much and there is no evidence against me, just gossip and here-say. I’m also not naming anyone, so they would have to put their hands up. Only a small group of liars and their lying flying monkeys still monitor me, 6 years later. Attempt to intimidate me. It doesn’t work. I just highlight the bullcrap. See recent videos about this.

I have been sleeping for most of the past 24 hours with the help of meds, as I was nauseated with a migraine after a lot of stress. Feeling a lot better now. Recover quicker from the crashes – out of action for a few days rather than weeks on end.

I have books in the works that I am working on as I am able. The next book to be released is Bipolar Cringe, a memoir written in the final year of a marriage, to try process the disintegration of a 2 decade marriage. I talked to my psychologist about this and she said it would be very helpful for others to publish and no one knows who I’m writing about anyway. Other than the handful of trolls who monitor me.

The only way that people can connect, is if they identify themselves (like the flying monkeys did – now deleted or blocked) and dead name me.

I am editing what I originally published under a pen name. Up to the final few chapters then need to proof-read it, format etc.

Have some other books in the pipeline too.

Pet Purpose: Your Unspoken Voice went to #1 on Amazon in category (biographical fiction) during a free promotion. I will be publishing Bipolar Cringe in the non-fiction section.

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