Bipolar hypomania vs mania. Elevated mood. Processing trauma.

My name is Xanthe Wyse. Diagnosed bipolar 1 disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), social anxiety disorder.

In elevated mood in this video and recent videos consistent with hypomania for me. Hypomania is elevated mood with bipolar disorder but not full mania.

Was prescribed some meds recently for back sprain which have side effects of blurring vision, overheating plus reducing effectiveness of one of my bipolar meds (quetiapine). Been on fire today.

With elevated mood I get:
– pressure of speech (talking very fast and hard to interrupt)
– flight of ideas (leaping from one loosely associated thing to another rapidly)
– racing thoughts
– talking louder and faster
– seem more extroverted (yet still an introvert)
– may seem more animated (depends if shutdown with PTSD or not)
– confident, high self-esteem
– very productive, goal orientated
– more scatterbrained and forgetful the higher I go
– extremely high energy
– more creative
– notice many, many more synchroniticies (meaningful co-incidences, patterns)
– sleep less
– more cognitive impairments with extremes in mood (mania, depression)
– fidgeting more

Mania is way more extreme and intense than hypomania.

Mania is like fire. Shutdown form of PTSD is like ice.

In this video, I said out some names directly involved with why I have PTSD. 2 sexual traumas – childhood and adult (sexual violence). I didn’t give their full names. One of the names is part of a surname. The names are triggers for me so I was dissociating partly when I said them.

Source: Youtube