Bipolar hypomania with shutdown emotions from PTSD. Anger with elevated moods.

My name is Xanthe Wyse. I have been diagnosed with bipolar 1 disorder (on meds), post-traumatic stress disorder (in therapy) and social anxiety disorder.

I am hypomanic in this video and also recent videos. I am also sedated in this video as I was starting to go manic past few days.

I have been having an elevated mood lately with hyperarousal from being triggered with PTSD more frequently and also hyperarousal from the bipolar. Usually my form of PTSD is with shutdowns but when my mood is elevated, I can also go into fight/flight.

Sleeping has been less and energy levels have been very high, despite seeming calm on my face (my emotions are still shut down although I have felt anger – very rare for me – still controlled). Irritability is one of my indicators I am going manic.

My short-term memory has become even more impaired and I am becoming more scattered. This was after using the as required meds to help me go back to sleep.

Source: Youtube