Bipolar,Depression, BPD, PTSD, ADHD – Work with me and let's KICK them out! PLS CHECK LINKS BELOW

This video covers what you need to know regarding your ‘labels’, or disorders and how I WILL and CAN now give you therapy, which will make them much easier to cope with, dissolve some of them, help you understand the WHY? clearly, and make you well! YOU ARE NOT A LABEL. Work with me..I’ll take you home to yourself.

RETURN TO SELF – Therapy/Counselling/Healing with Deborah
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If you are looking for support and guidance, with tools and zoom meetings, talks and information on your mental health, please sign up to PATREON and become a supporter of mine. The rewards are well worth it. YOU ARE NOT ALONE – with your mental illnesses. WE ARE ONE. I am with you, as are millions of others. Together, we’ll take this monster apart.

FOR MORE information, support, guidance and tools to work with your mental illness/s, please sign up to PATREON. Being a PATRON of mine, simply means you are supporting me. I need your support, to give you great content, involve you in what vids I make and more.
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