Black Lotus Blossoming Vlog Intro

WHAT’S UP YALL! Come and take this walk with me. Let’s build together literally. I’m a revolutionary and builder who takes pain and makes magic.

Allow me to introduce myself. My birth name given to me when I was ripped out of my mother’s womb via c-section is Jasmine Tane’t Boudah, however, I am affectionately known as Black Lotus Mother. Im similar to a combination between Harriet Tubman, Rihanna, Iyanla, Iyanla, E. Badu and someone who would have been Tupac’s life partner (We all know that’s Jada!) I am a Divine Spiritual Being who was cultivated through the cemented cracks in the hood who rose from the muck and blossomed into a beautiful Lotus flower and a powerful phoenix. I rest firm in all of dualities and my complex nature that makes me Divinely and phenomenally me.

I brings a well-rounded, authentic and relatable perspective to the healing and lightworker community. My work is built on the foundation of transforming my own pain into power and lifting as I climb; I reach the every day person who may be feeling stuck and use my testimony surviving postpartum depression, anxiety, domestic violence and post traumatic stress disorder to encourage others to get liberated, free and reclaim their humanity through radical acts of self-care…. Now, I do have some letters behind my name, however, I don’t boost about that. However, for those of you who really would like to know more about my established community work….
Jasmine Boudah, M.Ed, CPE is the founder of Black Lotus Mothers Healing Collective, which provides a safe space for Black wombmen to discuss their unique mothering experiences while countering racism and oppression.

Source: Youtube