Black Woman, Mental Health and Morning Routine Day 1

What PHresh!

My name is PH I’m one of many PHabulous black women who lives in Minnesota. I’ll refer to us as BMW’s, because we are high-class bitches and worth all the money in the world.:-)

I started a blog to publicly process and move towards healing in this new season of my life ( . Adding a new element to my blog is video. Why not vlog my reflections too?

What’s this new season? Mental illness. I’ve been diagnosed with major depression disorder (MDD), generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

I was inspired by other black women around the world to literally speak my words and add to the narrative of mental illness, what it looks like part of a pan-African experience. In particularly, thank you to the following youtube black women truth speakers who’ve pierced my heart by being daring, loving and real. You shared your stories and life journey through hair, relationships and holistic health. Really, thank you! @blackgirlcrazed @Dannia Brown @ LifeCoachShawn @Valencia’sLife and @BeyondBlack&WhiteElite

Thanks for joining me. I hope the energies that wrap us, and flow through our vessels will create something beautiful together. I speak peace, healing and love to your heart and everyone you encounter.


Source: Youtube