!BLOOD AND ABUSE WARNING!Mother Mary meme: Five nights at Bonbuns (PLZ READ DISCRIPTION!)

now I haven’t made a five nights at Bonbuns animation in a year so I decided to make one so yeah and that it’s my special interest so I might talk about it a lot, heh.. so I’m gonna spoil some of the book to you! yay.. (THIS IS NOT BASED ON ANYTHING TRUE!)
So the yellow wolf is lance, Lance has Complex Ptsd or complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. when he was 12 his mother shot herself due to being abused by her husband Evan, evan was an alcoholic and when lance was born evan wanted a girl instead so he hated lance. When his mom killed herself lance went down the stairs to see what happened he went over to the body and looked at her shocked, his dad walked in and thought lance had killed her. so evan (Lance’s dad) abused him and stuff, Eve found him on the street blah blah blah they get older eve gets Kidnapped by a familiar man so lance and 2 others went to find her blah blah blah lance gets hallucinations of his dad thinking he was dead but it turns out the Kidnapper was his dad, eve got shot on the stomach blah blah blah..

so yee

fnaf belongs to Scott cawthon or scott games
five nights at Bonbuns belongs to me
music by mr. kitty
the original meme is by (I forgot)

Flipaclip premium (13 fps)
my long a$$ fingers
my photographic memory

hope you enjoyed the animation ee-

Source: Youtube