Bob Forrest Archives Part 2: Trauma and Personality Disorder – Bob Forrest speaks with a small group of young adults at Alo House’s treatment facilities in Los Angeles, California about trauma and personality disorder.

We all deal a lot with trauma. Trauma is definitely a part of our society and it causes personality disorder and you can see it everywhere. You can see it in the President of the United States, you can probably see it in your parents, and in in your coworkers… it’s everywhere.

Trauma causes people to be irrational, illogical, overly emotional, controlling, selfish, stupid, and it’s everywhere.

Trauma manifests itself and causes dissatisfaction and anger and gossip, and all the ugliness of our society is from personality disorder. And personality disorder is caused by childhood trauma.

One of the most common forms of trauma is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) that affects nearly 8% of Americans every year. PTSD is also often linked to drug and alcohol addiction.

Alo House offers a young adult treatment program that focuses on addiction and other mental health issues such as trauma and personality disorders.

We also provide Incidental Medical Services to address medical issues associated with substance use treatment.

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