BPD Misdiagnosis and Consequences of it.


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BPD is often misdiagnosed and this can lead to severe consequences. Not just in the wrong treatment being applied, but the continuance of untreated mental illness that drives greater problems for the individual who has it and those around him or her. In this video, we’re going to pull back the curtain as I identify those factors and issues pertaining to why BPD is so misdiagnosed. I think you’ll be surprised what you learn.

BPD may affect how practitioners tolerate the actions, thoughts, and emotional reactions of these individuals. It may also lead to minimizing symptoms and overlooking strengths.

DSM-IV (1994) and DSM-5 (2013) specifically state that the borderline diagnosis could be applied to children and adolescents (i.e. people under the age of 18) if they meet the symptom picture for at least 1 year.

BPD Looks Like So Many Other Mental Health Conditions and co-occurs with so many as well. For example, research has shown that bipolar disorder and BPD are comorbid in approximately 27.6 percent of cases. Depression is also confusing, as well as ADHD, C-PTSD/PTSD, psychosis…

Approximately 75% female in clinical samples, more equal Male to Female ratio in community samples. Could this be due to misdiagnosis? Women with BPD were more likely to have co-occurring diagnoses of PTSD and eating disorders, while men were more likely to have co-occurring diagnoses of substance use disorders, as well as schizotypal, narcissistic, and antisocial PDs. This can be explained as gender differences in BPD may be a function of impulsivity, in that men and women may differ in the specific type of “disorder of impulse” that they predominately display. For example, women may be more likely to use food (i.e., internalizing behaviors) and men alcohol or drugs and acting out against others (e.g., externalizing behaviors) in a self-destructive manner.

People with BPD would never choose to feel like they do. The intensity of those negative feelings of self, others, and their world is vast. I’ve never had a client say that they choose to think, feel, and act the way they do. Imagine growing up in an emotionally deprived environment, with little options to respond, feel good about yourself, or see a different way of living. The power of volition doesn’t get instilled, but torment, fear, impulsivity, and self-contempt blossom and intensify over the years.

We can lessen the misdiagnosis rate of BPD, by learning about it and confronting these issues we just discussed. If you’re wondering if you have BPD, find a trained mental health provider to help you. Diagnosis is for treatment, not self-definition and know what treatment course to take can help you move mountains.

Daniel J. Fox, Ph.D., is a licensed psychologist in Texas, international speaker, and a multi-award winning author. He has been specializing in the treatment and assessment of individuals with personality disorders for over 15 years in the state and federal prison system, universities, and in private practice. His specialty areas include personality disorders, ethics, burnout prevention, and emotional intelligence.

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