BPD Personal Responsibility Is Not Negated by Neurobiology

Psychiatry’s “brain scan” studies nor its concluded “results” in anyway negate the personal responsibility of those with Borderline Personality. To focus on that is to miss all that truly needs to be focused on to get into a healing recovery process for those with BPD.

Too many with BPD seem to think they can just lay the “fault of their behavior” on the alter of “my brain made me do it”. Nothing could be further from the truth. Psychiatry likes to stigmatize BPD even more in its studies because as they forward “facts” they have not proven they don’t ever put neuroplasticity and the pathway to BPD recovery into their information.

Why Do People With BPD Not Remember Conversations Accurately?

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People with Borderline Personality Disorder need to now their is no ‘factual” proof that their brains were from birth somehow different. The impact of trauma on the brain is real but your brain does not “make you do” anything with regard to anything that you could successfully change in therapy. People with BPD, just like those with CPTSD, impacted brains from trauma, still need to take personal responsibility for their actions and/or words and learn how to re-frame the emotionally reactive narrative into a more logical one. Neuroplasticity is the result of successful therapy when people get therapy that they need.

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