Brain Fog and PTSD – Healing from Narcissistic Abuse
Brain fog or feeling like you cannot think properly, are common with PTSD from narcissistic, mental and emotional abuse. Whether this was a domestic abuse situation that you were living in or a partner that you were in an ongoing relationship with, the PTSD can be severe.

The brain functions are altered during PTSD and while some functions are on overlaod, others are basically shut down. The amygdala is turned on with full force to try to scan and protect you from threat and danger.

The amygdala is the “fight or flight” mode of the brain. It is not designed to be on high alert for an extended period of time. The ongoing threat during the abusive relationship caused for the amygdala to be turned on for too long and it ends up not functioning properly, which is PTSD.

While the alert system is on all the time, other parts of the brain are slowed, including the “executive function” part of the brain, which is housed in the frontal lobe.

This executive function is responsible for things like focusing, planning, organizing and being able to stay on task. If your executive function is down then you will have this brain fog sometimes and not be able to concentrate.

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