Brainwashed by Sarah Landry; Now He's Speaking Out Against Her Black Magic

Sarah Landry, the infamous “brainwashed” victim of Bhagavan Nithyananda (formerly known as ‘Ma Swaroopapriya’) has just been caught using her own spiritual cult tactics; her ex-boyfriend (who was barely above a minor age) reveals the black magic and hypnotic spells that she used against him…

This is an extremely disturbing story. Still suffering from PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), extreme anxiety and depression, her ex-boyfriend (Luke V.) is finally speaking out one year after breaking up.

The purpose of this video is not to slander Sarah Landry, celebrate her psychotic behavior or anything of that sort. Rather, I am simply here to set the record straight: What she has said about my Guru and His sangha — the so-called rapes, child abuse, hunger deprivation, and other disgusting claims – are false. This video is to prove the character of this ‘star witness’ is extremely un-credible, AND, provides evidences that she blatantly made up her stories!

I’m in the space of deep gratitude to Luke, his mother, and the rest of his family for supporting him, helping him through this ridiculous hardship. I pray that Sarah’s behavior ends and she receive the psychological help that I truly feel she needs, this abusive pattern has now caused serious or life-taking damage to TWO young men..

(Sarah’s Ex-Boyfriend whom SHE said committed suicide):

This video is for those that are open to listening, for those that were pushed-away from their Guru because of her lies, and for those that need confirmation in the sanctity of their Guru, His Holiness Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam.

The bulk of this video content is taken from the live stream hosted at www.Nithyananda.TV and it’s YouTube channel “KAILASA’s Nithyananda”

I’m sure Luke will go back on again live, so to listen to Luke’s story and HDH’s superconscious-breakthrough discourses, go to either of those websites above.


May we all live in eternal bliss.. please!!

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Source: Youtube