Brandon Bryant: Alchemy Post Traumatic Stress

This is the original unedited video initially live streamed publicly by Brandon Bryant on or about 13 November 2018 and entitled “Alchemy Post Traumatic Stress.” Mr. Bryant has since made this video private upon his release from jail as he is facing a jury trial for threatening to kill individuals in Missoula.

Bryant at 00:35 states that he has been exiled from the drone community. At 01:53 he gets somewhat close to admitting the truth about his claimed PTSD when he states;

i’m not even sure how much of my PTSD is military trauma…

He goes on to describe women who have manipulated him and how veterans have become his enemy while the people he “fought against” (apparently enemies in the Middle East) have shown him the most kindness.

He says of his baby mama in Norway:

One of the things that always get brought up to mind for me, when I was in Norway and I first met my son’s mother, who is a clinical psychologist who specializes in humiliation and auditory hallucinations, so that should be a clue, and she likes witchcraft specifically black witchcraft, mind control, dominance, pain, hate.

I am skeptical that Bryant’s ex girlfriend and mother of his son was a clinical psychologist but I have no idea.

At 10:30 Bryant refers to the disability check he gets for his fraudulent claim of PTSD as being his “pension.”

At 11:30 he plagiarizes Captain America as he frequently does, delivering comic book remarks as though his own.

At 15:30 Bryant states;

And then the Montana state sheriff’s department calls me, basically tells me they’re going to fuck me up because they’re just doing their, oh they’re just doing their job, I don’t know what this issue is that is I’m ordering, I’m just doing my job. Mother fucker the Nazis just did their job, you’re no different than a Nazi. And if I resist they’re going to fucking arrest me because their authority is absolute. No, it’s not. You’re supposed to protect and serve and if you, I mean I guess they are they’re protecting and serving the establishment. But you know what? I’m an American fighting in the forces which guard our freedom and protect our way of life, I am willing to give up my life in its defense.

At 22:46 Bryant continues:

I’m going to go back to my deal with the Montana state sheriffs department…the sheriffs department should be the highest legal authority in each county and shouldn’t just be doing shit based off of what they’ve been told. if my rights have been violated it is the sheriff’s rights to protect me as a citizen of this country, as a citizens of this county. They have more jurisdiction than Washington as far as legal authority goes and the guy who they’re trying…A, they’re coming after disabled veteran with an honorable discharge as a Staff Sergeant who has a clean and clear perfect military record. Almost, I mean I did fuck up a few times but I didn’t do so maliciously it was mostly because I have a soft fucking heart. Honorable discharge as a staff sergeant, highly decorated, disabled veteran with physical injuries, sick, dying and they’re coming to take my pension from me…that just goes to show I can’t trust any authority figure in our country.

He continues at 26:59 with:

Why should I trust the sheriff’s department for anything other than they’re just SS, American SS, as far as I’m concerned. But as far as I’m concerned as well I feel like at this point I’m ready to just die….I’d rather be fucking killed by the police and let them show just how fucking terrible and horrible shit has gotten and end my fucking misery than continue living feeling like my life is being leeched from me by some kind of parasite.

At 28:36 he says:

I fucking hate bullies. I would kill a bully. I tell people this and they be like ‘you should watch what you say’ no, like, mother fucker, we have 8 billion people on this planet and most of them don’t even know where their food comes from, most of them are struggling to survive and so yes I would fucking, those people who have bullied and taken from others and harmed others and destroyed lives, I would end them without a question.

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