Breakfast With The Expert – Post Traumatic Strength = Resilience

Where are the threats to your resilience reserves? How do you bounce back from trauma, violence, unexpected change, or unreasonable demands that exhaust you?

Take a Resilience inventory of how depleted you are in these areas:


Each represents building blocks to a strong resilience core.

Identify what areas are weakened and how to develop strategies into Post Traumatic Strength

Learn key strategies for bouncing back quicker.

Yes. Post-traumatic strength is possible.


In Shary Raske’s business, Courageous Change, she offers comprehensive and custom-designed STRATEGIC CAREER ADVISING SERVICES. As a CAREER STRATEGIST, she guides professionals to create a better future. She also teaches ways to strengthen tenacity to keep going even in the face of obstacles, challenges and other concerns. She directs career changers to identify barriers to success and then find the “go-arounds”. Career changers hire her for direction, clarity, and to get the results they want.

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