BREAKING! Nigerians In Diaspora Launch $500k Fund Raising For #EndSARS Victims. We Mustn't Abandon..

#EndSARS Victims Relief Project. (EVRP)

A project by the Global Coalition for Security & Democracy in Nigeria, GCSDN.

Aim: To raise and manage funds for the unarmed victims of #EndSARS.
Mission: RIMMP. To ensure that no #EndSARS victim is neglected or abandoned.

Rehabilitation: Diligently work with #EndSARS victims towards their healing and to sustain their hope and patriotism to Nigeria.

Integration: Raise and efficiently manage funds for the enhancement of the socio-economic sustainability of #EndSARS victims.

Memorialization: Organize annual conferences, and other cultural and political activities to celebrate #EndSARS victims and enlighten Nigerians on their constitutional rights.

Mobilization: Build sustained contacts with #EndSARS victims and other Nigerians for easy mobilization for future nation building activities.

Psycho-social support: Professional counselling for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD, that has affected #EndSARS victims.


Name: Global Coalition for Security and Democracy in Nigeria.


Account Number: 0303304353

Routing Number: 111900785

Swift Code: UPNBUS44XXX

Message: EndSARS Victims


Email: gcsdn1914

Source: Youtube