Breaking Point Act II Gacha Life Mini Movie 13+ TW CW IN DESCRIPTION

(This video is aimed at an audience above 13 years of age.)

This video contains the subjects of Dissociative Identity Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, trauma and flashbacks, and contains hostile language, violence, murder/gore, and swearing (and the dy-word slur). If you do not wish to see content with these things, I suggest you click away.


Copy-pasted from original video: “So my ass has zero self control and this will have a part 3! I never thought that I’d get this far honestly. I now have about half an hour of story, and will have 45+ minutes in total. If Gacha Club releases for iOS soon, I might continue on Gacha Club, or might do it on PC if I’m really that impatient.

And for those asking no I did not pay for Kinemaster Premium myself, Team Idolize released a video titled “How to get Kinemaster Premium for free” and they shared a whole ass account, so I registered.
This is the second time I did this, the first one being with FL Studio. I’m broke and desperate. God save my soul.
I pay for plastic toys but not for a video editing program.

Act III will have more character development for Jamie, Juanita and Blossom, because there are some aspects of their character that I was planning on exploring in Act II, that I didn’t, because turns out that I’m gonna make an Act III! Turned out longer than expected. This was supposed to be a Mini Movie™, not a series, wwwwwhat am i doing”

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Original upload date: July 28th, 2020


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Music (in order)

Undertale OST – Ooo
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Undertale OST – Temmie Village
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Deltarune OST – Before The Story (REUSED)
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Steven Universe OST – Gem Shards
Kinemaster library – Fall
GHOST – Spider On The Wall (Instrumental)
Undertale OST – Snowy
Undertale OST – Here We Are (REUSED)
Undertale OST – It’s Raining Somewhere Else
Undertale OST – Ooo (REUSED)
GHOST – Those Who Carried On

All staring and featured characters belong to Blue Miaou AKA Sawyer Ultimatum.

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