British teen’s ‘fight goes on’ as she lands back in UK after Cyprus rape case

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For any copyright, please send me a message.    The British teen who was trapped in Cyprus after she was found guilty of lying about being gang raped said she can’t wait for a ‘cheeky Nandos’ now she has returned home.  The girl, 19, touched down in the UK with her mother last night after two passengers gave up their seats on a fully booked flight.  She faced up to a year in prison for ‘public mischief’ but was spared jail by a judge who said he would give her a ‘second chance’ because she had spent so much time away from family and friends.  Speaking yesterday, she described her experience as a ‘nightmare’ and vowed that the ‘fight will go on’ to overturn the conviction and clear her name.  But she said she was relieved to go back to her home comforts after her traumatising ordeal which included spending five weeks in a Cyprian jail and five months under house arrest.  She told The Sun: ‘Now, at last, I can go home to my own bed. I’m even looking forward to the cold weather back in England.  ‘I can’t wait to have a cheeky Nando’s and to take my dog for a long walk through the countryside’.  The teen, from Derbyshire, was met by crowds of supporters at Heathrow Airport,  some who flew in from Israel to tell her they believed her claim that she was raped by 12 Israeli men at an Aiya Napa hotel room on July 17.  With her face covered by a jumper, the teen thanked the women, one of whom told her:  ‘The men you met are not representative of Israel.’  The teen’s mother who was close to tears, thanked the group and said:’ I would love to come to Israel to see you. ‘We cannot thank you enough for all your support.’  It is not known if the passengers who gave up their seats knew she was the teen at the centre of the high profile case.  The girl and her mother had hoped to catch an earlier flight back to the UK but were unable to pack up their belongings in time to make it.  The teen said she was expecting a custodial sentence when she arrived in court and had ‘tears in her eyes’ when she realised this was not the case.  After the sentencing she said she was ‘relieved’ before her mother held her arms open and yelled to supporters: ‘She’s coming home’.  She has been diagoned with Post-traumatic Stress Disorder but said support from all over the world, including messages from This Morning hosts  Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby, have kept her going.  The teen insists she is innocent and her lawyers have already begun an appeal against her conviction saying the case was ‘not finished by any means’.  She remains a convicted criminal because the suspended sentence handed down today meant a pledge by Cyprus’ President Nicos Anastasiades to pardon her if she was jailed never materialised.  The teen recanted her claim t

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