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Deshauna Barber is a former Miss USA and award-winning international speaker, coach, and entrepreneur with a bold approach to inspiring and encouraging her audience. #MissUSA #DeshaunaBarber #USAR

Deshauna uses her experience as an Army officer, Non-Profit CEO, former Miss USA, and STEM graduate to inspire her audience. Deshauna shows the power of perseverance and tenacity to now become a top-rated speaker that is widely sought after by Fortune 500 companies. She currently works full time as the President and Chief Executive Officer of Service Women’s Action Network, the nation’s leading 501c3 nonprofit organization advocating on behalf of all service women and women veterans in the country.

As Miss USA, she spent her year-long reign advocating for our men and women in uniform by encouraging our government to provide additional support for soldiers suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The 31-year-old uses her platform to encourage us to pay close attention to the mental health of our service members after deployments and their service to our country.



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